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How to Transfer an Out-of-State Title

Recently moved to Florida? Welcome! If you own a car and you are interested in driving on the roads of Florida, there are several processes you must go through to transfer your out-of-state car title. And here’s a breakdown of what you need to do:

Get your documents ready

There are several mandated documents that must be submitted before you can transfer your out-of-state car title in Florida. It is advisable to get these documents ready to prevent running helter-skelter when the need arises. Here are the basic requirements for a transfer of out-of-state title.

For vehicles without a lien in Florida:

  • Out of state vehicle title

Please note that your title from your former state must verify that you are a long-term owner of the car - typically 6 months of ownership and above.

  • Government-issued identification

This serves as valid proof of identification.

  • Applicable payments

This may involve payment for paper vehicle title fees, registration and plate fees, new resident vehicle fees, electronic vehicle title fees, and lien recording fees. These payments must be made at a Florida county tax collector’s office near you.

Note: It is expected that your vehicle identification number must have been verified and undergone scrutiny by a military or police officer, Division of Motorist Services Compliance (DMSC) Examiner, law enforcement officer, or a licensed Florida dealer.

  • For vehicles with a lien in Florida:

For vehicles where the lienholder is still in possession of the out-of-state car title, ensure to reach out to the lienholder for a transfer of the title. In a case where the lien holder refuses to transfer the out-of-state car title, it is advisable to request a letterhead from the holder stating his/her refusal to transfer the title. With this letterhead, you can now proceed with your vehicle registration as this is compulsory whether the title transfer is heeded by the lienholder or not. If the lienholder agrees, you can proceed to apply for a certificate of title as indicated above.

Visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV)

Visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles with the documents above to transfer your out-of-state title to Florida. Please note that certain circumstances might prompt the need for the submission of more documents. The FLHSMV office is located at 725 Flora Branch Blvd, Julington Creek, FL 32259 and they open on weekdays from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

It is important to note that transferring your out-of-state car title to Florida must be processed within 30 days after you move into Florida as a resident. Contact Auto Tags for a stress-free car title transfer today!

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