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Auto Tags of East Broward

Same-day service available! 

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There are many specialty plates to choose from, and we offer them all!

Specialty Plates

When you drive around South Florida, you probably have seen specialty license plates on several different cars. One great thing about these specialty plates is that it's not just about giving your vehicle a little bit of customization, but you are also contributing to a great cause! Florida offers many options for plates available to show support for - sports teams, wildlife conservation, local colleges, and more!


Specialty plates should be considered when you get a new plate, or just when you are renewing.  Come in and ask for something new! There’s no need to waste your time at the local DMV when you can complete everything in one place at Auto Tags of East Broward, no lines, no paperwork, no waiting. We will make sure you are in and out in one day, and we are always available for texting or chatting on our website.​

We serve the ENTIRE state of Florida as a courier service to register all types of private and commercial vehicles and vessel.

Text or Call (954) 417-6130
Mon - Fri:  8:30am-6pm
Sat:  10am-2pm

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