Registering Your Vessel in Florida

Welcome to Florida where it’s always summer and fishing is a daily activity for most. Fishing requires a boat. Now there are plenty of places that you can rent from however maybe you want one of your own so that you don’t have to wait for your scheduled time or extra fees. So you buy a boat similar to having a car it needs to be registered along with its title.


Why Register Your Boat

Again very similar to having a car registering your boat shows that it belongs to you. This helps in taking care of its aquatic resources and boating amenities like boat ramps and clean waterways. 


The numbers on your boat registration allow port and government authorities to identify your vessel in use. Which is why they have to be displayed on your boat at all times. This also is very helpful if anything happens to your boat such as getting stolen.


How to Register

The owner needs to show proof of ownership by submitting an executed bill of sale, a builder’s contract, a manufacturer’s statement of origin, and a federal marine document. With registering comes a fee. There are reduced fees based on the classification of the vessel and if comes with EPIRB or PLB. 


And there are always exceptions:

  • Vessels used only on private lakes

  • Vessels owned by the U.S. Government

  • Vessels used exclusively as a ship’s lifeboat

  • Vessels issued valid registration certificates and numbers by other states


One year or two?

This may sound familiar again but the registration for your vessel needs to be renewed. This can be done for 1 year or 2 (comes with a price difference). This can all be done up to 3 months before the renewal date so you can get a head start if you need to get a head start preparing for that finishing trip you can!


So you found the boat of your dreams! Remember the simple rule of keeping it registered and you should have no problem out in the high seas. Avoid the hassle of long lines, start the process online with an Auto Tags near you! We are located in North Broward, East Broward, and Oakland Park.

Car Registration vs. Title: What's the Difference? 

Buying a new car? It could be fresh off the lot or a used car that has everything that you’re looking for. Other than making sure you have the right car insurance there are two things that you need a title and registration. Some times it can be confusing as to which means what and you are more than welcome to come to our offices however, we hope this quick read can help!


The Title

You have your car but how does anyone know who is the owner? That is where your title comes in! This is the document that establishes who the legal owner of the vehicle is. A new car will not have a title until the car is purchased in which you pay fees to the dealership when you buy the car. Basically saving you a trip to the DMV! 


Let’s say you are not in a position to buy a new car, not to worry there are wonderful used cars for sale! Providing that you bought the car in full then you don’t have to pay the dealership for the paperwork. Always remember that a used dealer isn’t supposed to sell a car without having the title.


The Registration

This is another way that the vehicle will be tied to you and this is required by your state. If you move to another state then you will need to register your car again. When buying a new car again they handle the registration for you. First-time registration here is some paperwork that you should be expected to provide:

  • Your driver’s license

  • Proof of insurance

  • Proof of sales tax payment

  • Car title (your dealership would have this handy)


Unlike the title, this is something that you will need to renew annually in the state of Florida. Yes, there will be fees attached it is important that you stay current. If your registration expires then you are at risk of getting pulled over which could result in a ticket, penalty fees and possibly impoundment. Need to renew your registration here is some paperwork that you will need:

  • Car’s vehicle identification number

  • License plate number

  • Driver’s license number

  • Car insurance details

  • Current vehicle registration card



The title and the registration may be two different things but they do go hand in hand. One will be a one-time transfer and the other is a reoccurring renewal to keep up with. Visit us online or in-person to have all the questions that you may have fully answered! With multiple locations in South Florida check out the one closest to you. Here at East Broward Auto Tags, we are here to serve you! 

Different Plates, Different Registration

At Auto Tags, we are serving the entire state of Florida as a courier service to register and provide plates for all types of vehicles. Motor vehicles are the most popular type of registration or title that we serve. The most basic and necessary services we provide are a full tag, title and registration services alongside title transfers. We also do vanity, personalized, lost or replacement plates for your vehicle. To stay more versatile we even do unique tags and registration for antique or classic cars.


In the state of Florida, you are required to renew your plates and registration every 10 years. Florida offers three types of standard plate options including the county nameplate, “Sunshine State” and the “In God We Trust” plate. One thing that drivers should know is that disposing of a plate is a very important part of the process of getting a new plate. 


By turning your old plate into the tax collector’s office or sending it in the mail, you will receive a receipt showing that the plate was surrendered. A good benefit that comes from this is if the initial registration fee paid for the vehicle that the plate was on can then be used for credit to keep you from paying the initial registration fee when you purchase a new vehicle. This applies to specialty plates and vanity plates of any kind also. 


Customers may renew their vehicle registrations for a period of one or two years and may be renewed up to three months in advance of the registration expiration date. Vehicle registrations typically expire at midnight on the original owner’s birth date unless it is used for business or the vehicle is a heavy truck. Heavy truck registrations expire on June 30 or December 31 depending on the registration date. 


A vehicle can have a dual registration if it is used for two purposes which require different registrations for each. For example, these purposes would include the use of any commercial vehicle or a vehicle of any special designations that is permitted under the state of Florida. If a vehicle is being used for personal use and also uses one of those special designations. They may either display whichever set of plates is appropriate at the time or display them both at the same time. 


Having two “regular” plates is not permitted and may be subject to fines or other legal proceedings. If a plate is needed for two separate uses then you need two registrations including two different plates will be needed. This is because since they are required for two completely distinct uses the paperwork must be separate. Therefore the need for two different registration along with the plates for each is required by Florida law. 

Here at Auto Tags of East Broward and Auto Tags of Oakland Park, we strive to be the best place for your Florida Tag renewal along with registration. To register and to obtain plates for your vehicle, visit Auto Tags at any of the locations in East Broward or at Oakland Park. You can also save even more time by visiting our website here for online services and more information.

The Basics of Vehicle Registration in Florida

So you need to register your vehicle. You either just moved here from out of state, or you just bought a new vehicle. Basically, you need the registration in order to use the said vehicle. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to purchasing registration for any of your vehicles, and they are different in each state. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) has put laws into place for registering vehicles for transfer plates in this state. Transfer plates are great if you are moving from another place or already have the plate and just want to get it registered again to have it on a different vehicle. 


Some specific statutes in the Division of Motorist Services by the FLHSMV for the transfer of license plates. The main provisions of the law "authorize the transfer and exchange of license plates and the collection of or exemption from a transfer fee when a replacement vehicle is registered in the same owner's name, in the name of at least one of the previous owners of the license plate, or in the surviving spouse's name." This basically means that as long as the vehicle you are transferring the plate to is also in your name, your living spouse's name, or you are at least one of the previous owners of the license plate, you can transfer the license plate. 


There is also a statute for when "a vehicle owner transfers a registration license plate to a replacement or substitute vehicle the owner acquires from a licensed motor vehicle dealer, the dealer shall provide to the department in a timely manner and via an electronic system administered by the department, information required by the department regarding the transfer. Additionally, the dealer shall give the owner written notice documenting the transfer if the dealer cannot timely provide the required transfer information to the department due to system or connectivity problems. The dealer shall maintain all records required by the department, which must be open to inspection by the department or its agents during reasonable business hours." This is one of the more important statutes of this matter of transferring license plates. 


If you are new to Florida, you have 30 days to title and register your car or vehicle with your local DHSMV as long as you have done this first: 


  • Started to work in the state

  • Your children have been registered for a Florida school

  • Florida residency has been established through lease, purchase, or rental of a house or an apartment. 


In the state of Florida, you will be required to title your truck or car at the same time that it is registered. It is possible to title your vehicle without having it registered, but if you drive that vehicle, it will be illegal if it is not registered. It is also important to keep up with the additional fees to pay on top of the registration fees you will be required to pay. 


Here at Auto Tags of East Broward, we are your DMV alternative that will get you in and out on the same day. We are the best, fastest, and most convenient around and will provide better and faster service than any Broward County DMV. We are your Broward go-to when it comes to car registration.

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