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Basics of Motorcycle Registration

You’ve got two wheels, and you want to make the most of riding your motorcycle in Florida. Good call; there’s no better place to ride a motorcycle, or scooter!

Before you hit the roads, you need to know that all owners of motor-powered cycles are required to register in the state of Florida. Motorcycles are treated just like cars, when it comes to obtaining a license plate. You need to renew both the registration and the plate, each year. This also includes mopeds and scooters.

So what do you need to do? Motorcycle applications can be started with us, and they’re pretty affordable! Once we’ve gotten your ride registered, you can get a license plate. These places are very similar to the ones you see on cars, just a lot smaller. Your plate will also have a sticker in the upper right-hand corner. This sticker will show the registration date of the motorcycle.

You’ll be given new stickers every year, after you re-register. Do not take chances driving your motorcycle without a current registration sticker. You will be pulled over, and the fines are major. Your driver’s license could also be suspended.

If you lose your license plate, or if it gets damaged, you need to put in a request for a new one as soon as you’re able. It’s illegal in Florida to drive without displaying a plate, and updated registration. We can help you with this too! All we need is a copy of your registration, and an Application for Replacement of License Plate filled out.

If you find your plate has been stolen, you’ll need to fill out a request for replacement in this case too. The process is about the same, except you need to report your plate stolen to the police, first. Once you file a police report, you will need to include some of that information when you fill out the Application for Replacement License Plate. When your plate has been stolen, replacement fees are waived.

Give us a call and we will get you on the road in no time! Auto Tags has all your tag and title needs. Don’t wait in line at the DMV, Auto Tags of East Broward will help you get your tag, registration, or renewal - easy and efficiently. Visit our website now!

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