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What Types of Car Titles are there in Florida?

If you own a vehicle in the United States, the law states you must have an up-to-date title on that vehicle. This is what shows your proof of ownership of your car or truck. Think of it in the same terms as a deed for a house.

In Florida, however, there exists a much larger number of different titles than the rest of the United States. This article lists those titles and the specifics regarding them.

  1. Certificate of Origin

This is essentially a birth certificate for your vehicle. The certificate of origin contains the manufacturing date and location and is provided to the first dealership to which the car is made available.

  1. Statements of Origin

These are used by companies when a vehicle is transferred between dealerships, international or domestically. This paperwork contains information regarding the different locations the vehicle has been. A statement of origin is typically transferred between dealerships or independent auto dealers.

  1. Clear Titles

A clear title means that a vehicle doesn’t have a lien against it, no salvage notations, and no previous owners. This is basically a brand new car certificate. When a car is purchased off the lot for the first time, the owner will receive a clear title.

  1. Salvage Titles

Salvage titles are reserved for vehicles that have been stolen or damaged in a way that won’t allow them to be restored to normal. This type of title changes the way a car is legally handled by the state.

  1. Junk Titles

This one is pretty self-explanatory. When a vehicle is taken to a salvage yard or scrapped, a vehicle is eligible to receive a junk title.

  1. Certificates of Destruction

Normally, insurance companies issue certificates of destruction. When a vehicle is set to be crushed and is not to be used for normal registration in the future, it will receive one of these certificates. Vehicles will also receive these when they are in good condition but have defects that warrant a recall, like faulty airbags.

  1. Bonded Titles

Bonded titles are issued in certain legal situations. When the true owner of a vehicle is in question, this type of certificate gets issued.

  1. Affidavit of Titles

These are similar to bonded titles but are normally used to protect buyers. This certificate will protect a buyer from any legal issues that a seller could be facing regarding the vehicle.

  1. Lienholder Titles

This kind of title is issued to an individual that is making payments on a vehicle. They are listed as the owner, but the institution that loaned the money is on the title as well, allowing them to maintain possession in the event of a default.

  1. Reconstructed Titles

These are titles issued for vehicles that were extensively rebuilt back to working condition.

  1. Import/Export Titles

These two titles are reserved for vehicles being imported and exported into and out of the United States.

If you live in Florida and plan on purchasing a vehicle, it’s important that you know the specifics regarding vehicle titles. The last thing you want is to receive a vehicle with the improper title. This could lead to you facing legal and ownership issues that could be a huge headache! When it comes to Broward auto tags, look no further than Auto Tags of East Broward, the experts. We handle everything from Broward tag renewals, Broward County tags and titles, and anything else you would normally go to the Broward County DMV for. When it comes to Broward County tag agencies, we can’t be beat - skip the Broward County DMV and head to East Broward Auto Tags. Check out our website to learn more about us or find our online renewals page here.

Check out these resources below to learn more about Florida car titles:

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