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What is the Importance of a Car Title

A car title performs similar functions as an ID card. It is a document that contains all pertinent information about your car and its ownership. These contents include; the vehicle make and model, the Vehicle Identification Number, license plate number, applicable lien holder information, previous damages/restorations records, and of course, the owner’s name and address. Whether you are buying your first car, getting a car as a gift or an inheritance, having a car title (more importantly, an updated one) is important to prove your ownership.

You do not have to defend your possession of a car if the title is in your name and contains information that corroborates your claims in any situation. An updated car title can help you file for any legal case or report theft with legitimate proof of ownership. Beyond giving you the ability to stake a legal claim on the vehicle, a car title serves other important purposes.

In addition to containing ownership information, a car title is also used to record any damages and repairs to the vehicle. When you are trying to buy, sell, or get a loan using your car, you need to be able to determine its accurate market value. With the damages and repairs information on the car title, you can determine how much you should pay or charge for a car. It is the best way to avoid undercharging for a car sale and avoid overpaying when you are making a vehicle purchase.

Having established that a car title contains important information, having an updated title also helps you avoid certain non-compliance charges. An updated car title means that you have your car registration completed. On the other hand, if you don’t have a car title or an updated one, it means that you probably have not registered your vehicle. And, in Florida, you have to pay a delinquent fee (based on your license tax bracket) for the lateness in registering your vehicle.

The importance of a car title comes down to safety (from fraud or theft) and legal compliance. Without updated information on your car title, you may have to explain yourself in awkward run-ins with law enforcement more times than necessary.

If you are buying a car through a car dealer, you need to confirm that they have completed the registration and car title update necessary to prove your ownership. However, if your car is from a private seller or a gift/inheritance, you need to complete all the required processes for an updated car title.

Don’t forget that your car title needs to be updated if you change your residential address or legal name. And finally, you need to register your car and get an updated car title for a registered out-of-state car if you plan to use it after moving to Florida.

At Auto Tags, we offer professional services to help you stay updated on your car title in South Florida - save time, forget stress, and save costs! If you need a new car title, a simple solution is to call East Broward Auto Tags. They are the auto tag experts and are one of the best Broward County tag agencies. Instead of going to the Broward County DMV, head to Auto Tags of East Broward for all things Broward tag renewals, Broward tags and titles, and more. You can find our main website here or check out our online renewals page to get started.

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