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The Process of Florida Title Transfers

If you sell, buy, or give away a vehicle within the state of Florida, it is required that you complete a car title transfer. This is a quick and easy process once you understand what it entails. When you know the rules, you can easily comply to transition the ownership of a vehicle to someone else quickly. Make a checklist, complete the title application, and look them over before submitting.

When to Do a Florida Title Transfer

Many situations in Florida necessitate a transfer of title. For example, if you buy a mobile home or a vehicle from a dealer, the dealership will do all the required paperwork before providing you with a title. However, when you purchase from a private individual, you are responsible for the title transfer. Giving away, donating, or inheriting a car also requires the title to be transferred to the new owner.

If you qualify as a lienholder, the car title transfer process will need to be started before the lien is released. A name change will trigger a title transfer since you require a title certification in your new name.

Documents and Other Items Needed for a Title Transfer

Several documents will be required to handle a title transfer. Some of them are obvious and others are not. Check the list below to ensure you have all the information you need to complete the title transfer.

  • The original title with the sale price, name and address of the buyer, and name and address of the seller

  • Payment for all due taxes and fees

  • A completed Application for Title

  • The vehicle that is being sold

  • A completed Notice of Sale

  • Proof of insurance

  • Approved loan documentation

  • A verified odometer reading

  • Your driver’s license

Filling out the Title and Title Transfer Forms

When you’re transferring a car title in Florida, you’ll find a Purchaser section as well as a Transfer of Title by Seller section. Each person listed on the original title has to print and sign in the Seller section. Likewise, those who will be listed on the new title need to print and sign their names on the Purchaser section.

The odometer box will need to be filled out. It cannot show signs of tampering or be changed. The sales price needs to be listed in the appropriate space, as well. This paperwork can be completed in front of a clerk to ensure completion. The buyer will immediately receive a title while the seller gets protection from an incomplete sale.

Completing the Title Transfer in Florida

When transferring a title over in Florida, the sale is not completed until the paper is filled out and filed with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Unfortunately, this is often a long process where you visit a DMV office and wait in a long line. The good news is that you can also complete the process at other locations.

Auto Tags of East Broward offers reliable and quick car title transfers to save you time and money. Rather than spending hours handling the process, you can do most of it online. Then all you have to do is stop in to get the updated information at our offices. If you need a car title transfer, you can get started by calling 954 848 4808. We are a Broward auto tag agency that serves as an alternative to the Broward DMV. We offer all things Florida tags and titles, including services like tag renewals, registration, and more. Contact us today to get started.

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