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The Basics: Out of State Car Registration

Moving can be exciting but completing all that needs to be done is the key to making your move stress-free. If you have plans to move to Florida, one more thing to add to your checklist is validating your out-of-state car registration. That’s right! You need to update the registration for your car if you plan on residing (and working) in Florida but that’s not all. Here are the basics for out-of-state car registration in Florida.

Verified Residency Information

In Florida, you only need to register an out-of-state car if you are taking up residency anywhere in the state. For this to be verified, however, you have to present proof of current employment, home, or enrolled school address(es) in Florida. As long as you show documents confirming your applicable Florida addresses, you can register your out-of-state car without stress.

Registration Timeline

We know how busy it can get when you are planning a move and trying to settle down in your new home. However, you should keep in mind that you only have 10 days to register your vehicle. After ten days elapse, you may get into trouble with the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles, especially if you try to register your vehicle afterwards. If you are simply having an extended vacation in Florida, you should get a rental vehicle or bike as an alternative so you don’t have to register your out-of-state vehicle.

Registration Requirements

The first step to register your out-of-state car is an Application For Certificate Of Title, which must be completed at the tax collector's office to validate your registration. The registration requirements for out-of-state vehicles are a valid driver's license (acceptable in Florida), proof of identity (residential address), proof of auto insurance in Florida, the former registration or plate number (for transferable license plates), applicant’s signature on the form, proof of current lien with Vehicle Identification Number (if applicable), vehicle information such as model, make and year, original certificate of title with applicant’s name, and proof of current Florida personal insurance, including the insurance company’s name and policy number. You also need a Vehicle Identification Odometer Verification Form, which has to be completed by:

  • A Florida Division of Motor Vehicles compliance examiner

  • Car dealer licensed in Florida

  • A Florida-recognized notary

  • A law enforcement officer

  • A member of the United States Military Police.

Registration Fees

Depending on the type of vehicle you are registering, and the applicable lien terms, the registration cost may be up to $300, starting with the base cost of $77.25 for the out-of-state title transfer fee and $225 for a new Florida registration. It is important to pay early, within the first 16 days of living in the new state, to avoid getting late fees added to your registration cost. You can use the DMV website to calculate your total applicable registration fees.

Plan your move and vehicle registration with these basics and you will be able to complete your registration in Florida without stress. Contact Auto Tags to get started today! If you need Broward auto tags, Broward tag renewals, or anything Broward tags and titles, consider stopping by Auto Tags of East Broward. We are your one-stop shop for all things auto tags - no more waiting at the Broward County DMV. We are your number one Broward County tag agency - call East Broward Auto Tags today. Find our online renewals page here or check out our main website to learn how to get started.

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