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The Basic Process of Title Transfers in Florida

If you own a car, that car has a title. A title is necessary for any car on the road, anywhere in the United States. This document indicates the legal owner of the car, and that owner can be a business or an individual. The Certificate of Title must be shown in order to insure and register the car.

On the title, you will find the name of the owner, and the owner’s mailing address. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), car type, and car use are also listed on the title. Lastly, the car’s license plate number, and mileage at the time of purchase, are also stated on the title.

The car’s title gets transferred upon purchase and sale. If the car has been gifted among family members, or if a new plate has been issued, there is also a title transfer. Buying or selling a used car is the most common instance of title transfer. It is important to be sure the title is properly transferred when you buy a pre-owned vehicle. You will also need a bill of sale to show that the sale took place. When you purchase a new car from the dealer, the title transfer process isn’t necessary. The dealer arranges the issuing of the title.

A bill of sale will include the buyer and seller’s names, addresses, and signatures. It will also include the car’s VIN number, make, model, mileage, and sales price. Even if no money has been transferred, a bill of sale is still necessary. Check out to confirm the exact requirements to transfer title in each state.

On each title, there is a section that says “assignment of the title”. This section must be filled out completely by the seller. It must contain the date, odometer reading, and the full name of the buyer and seller.

Once the paperwork has been filled out completely, it can be mailed or delivered to the DMV in person. Whether you choose to mail or hand-deliver, be sure to provide the DMV with the seller’s title form, along with the proper tax forms to pay taxes on the vehicle.

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