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Replacement Car Title Process

At Auto Tags of East Broward, we understand the stress that goes into acquiring a new or replacement title in Florida. To make things a lot easier, we have simplified the process of getting a replacement car title in Florida. Be sure to follow our comprehensive guide to get a replacement for your car title!

Gather the required documents (and fee)

There are several documents required for a car title replacement and they include an application for duplicate title form, which is available here, proof of identity (usually a photocopy of your driver’s license or an identification card), an odometer disclosure statement, and lienholder information (if applicable). You will also have to pay a duplicate title fee, which is determined according to your county.

Fill your form

The information required on the form is your phone number, car model, details on what happened to the other certificate, and other basics. Please note that applying for a stolen title replacement requires submission of the theft report. Also, if your current address does not tally with the address registered to your vehicle, you need to get a replacement title as the information in the title must be up to date.

After completing the form, you can continue with the application and replacement process. To replace your title, you have three options;

Replace your title online

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) allows for online registration. You can replace your car title online by applying for a duplicate title after completing the form. At Auto Tags, we offer expert consultation to make the process smooth and seamless for you.

Replace your title physically

To replace your title physically, you will have to visit an official license plate agent or a county tax collector. Remember to take all your essential documents – including a print-out of your completed application form. After submitting the documents, you will be required to pay the duplicate title fee to get your application processed and confirmed.

Replace your title by mail

You can also register for replacement by mailing your documents and state-mandated fee to your county tax collector’s office. You will get the replacement title delivered through the U. S. Mail service within a few days of your application.

What to note:

  • If there is a lien on your car title, you have to mention it in Section 5 of the application for a duplicate title form.

  • If you need to remove a lien on your car title, it is quite easy. Simply provide all the necessary documents to verify that the lienholder does not share ownership of your vehicle with you anymore, and the lien will be removed.

Be sure to apply for a new car title as soon as possible so that your old title is not used for fraud or further theft. If you find your old car title after getting a new one, you have to shred the old title as it is no longer valid and recognized. When it comes to getting your Broward County tag and title needs completed, don’t waste your time at the Broward County DMV. Come to East Broward Auto Tags for all things Broward County tag renewals. Auto Tags of East Broward is the best Broward County tag agency. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more, or to start your online renewal.

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