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How to Get a Replacement Car Title

If your car is paid off, you should have possession of your car’s title. The title is a legal document that shows ownership of a vehicle. (In this case, you.) Without holding the title to a car, you cannot sell or even gift your vehicle to another person.

When you are paying off a car loan, the lender holds the title until the loan is paid off. Because no money is owed on your vehicle, you should own the title. But are you?

Quick! Where is your car title? If you so much as paused to think about this, you may have yourself a little problem. Your car title needs to be kept in a very safe place. If you aren’t quite sure where it is, it could be missing, or even destroyed. Shredder? Coffee stains? Junk drawer? If you still don’t know, you may need to obtain a duplicate title for your car.

And how exactly do I do that, you may ask? You can obtain a duplicate title at your local Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or DMV. You can visit DMV in person, online, or via mail.

If you visit the DMV in person, you’ll have to fill out an application for a duplicate title; this is Form 82101. Before you go, make sure you have proof of identities, like your driver’s license or ID card. There is also an odometer disclosure that will need to be filled out, along with paying duplicate title fees. If you’re able, consider making an appointment soon to help avoid those long lines that DMV is notoriously famous for.

If you prefer to apply for a duplicate title online, visit Under “Motor Vehicles, Tags and Titles,” you’ll find “Lost Title or Replacement Title.” Follow the steps provide, and don’t forget you need a valid ID for this option too. There will also be fees to pay.

If you prefer to apply for your duplicate title by mail, complete form 8101, and mail it to your local tax collector’s office, do not forget to provide a current mailing address. You want to avoid this title becoming lost in the mail. If this one gets lost too, we may need to consider this a habit.

At Auto Tags, we have all of your car title needs, whether it is renewals, creating duplicates or registration, our friendly staff will help you along the way, creating a more efficient way to fulfill these tasks so that you can go about the rest of your day with ease - call us today or visit our website for more information.

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