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Florida Customized Plates

Cruising the Florida roads can be an adventure; the sun, the palm trees, the cars. Oh, the cars! There are so many cars. With over 15 million licensed drivers in the state of Florida, it’s tough to stand out. One sure-fire way to stand out in the crowd (or traffic) is with a customized license plate. As with all things wonderful, there are options in the license plate category: vanity plates and specialty plates. What is the difference you ask? Read on:

Specialty license plates are plates that recognize specific organizations. These do-gooder plates can be purchased at a Florida DMV service center. But be prepared, there are over 100 different specialty plate options to choose from! Purchasing a specialty plate allows you to support a particular organization, and also helps raise money for the organization that the plate represents. Florida specialty plates have raised millions of dollars for many organizations that you probably care about. You get to choose the organization (or possibly a sports team) and the numbers and letters on that plate are randomly assigned by the DMV.

If you want to get really personal, check out Florida personalized plates (also known as vanity plates.) With a personalized plate, you get to call the shots and tell DMV how it is. You can get a plate as creative or basic as you’d like, as long as it’s in seven characters or less. You can have all letters, or a combination of letters and numbers if your heart desires. Just hope what you heart desires has not already been desired by another driver. You can narrow down your wish list with the help of a useful tool on the DMV website. Review personalized plate options here!

You can order a personalized or custom plate at your local DMV office. The prices for both vary and come with different annual fees as well. Fill out the application ahead of time and have it with you when you go to order. The plates will take about sixty days to arrive in the mail.

So get on it, start thinking of that cool new plate, and what you can tell the world about you!\

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