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Florida Car Title: Why it's Important

Car titles are as important as the automobile itself. As a recent Florida resident who owns a car or a recent car buyer in Florida, you need to be able to prove that you own the car. And this is what a car title represents!

A car title is proof of car ownership that includes specific details about your car – Vehicle Identification number, and vehicle model amongst other details. Florida mandates every vehicle driver or owner to have an applicable car title. If you fall under the driving category stated above, you definitely need a car title, and here are some reasons why:

Proof of ownership

Just like there are documents to prove the ownership of land, it is also expected that car owners have a car title. This title proves possession and right to a car when it comes to court cases or other circumstances like when it is missing or stolen. This document will be required by the authorities for assessment and verification purposes.

Loan purposes

Need a loan? Your car title can come in handy. Private and public lenders usually require some guarantee that payment would be made on a loan at the due date which is why some collect car titles. In some cases, a car title is collected alongside other collateral that is of equal value with the said loan.

Selling and buying a car

If you own a car and you plan on selling, prospective buyers will need your car title after purchase. This is because the car is no longer in your possession so legally, you as the previous owner have no right to hold back a car title after reselling. It is required that a car title be transferred when the car is sold or resold to a buyer. If you also want to buy a car, it is necessary to collect the car title to avoid legal drama.

It includes all the information about your car

A car title in Florida contains all important and need-to-know details about your car. From the model to the plate number to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), it’s all in there. If you are involved in an accident and end up suing a party, your car title will come in handy when estimating the applicable settlement as all the actual details of your car are on the document.

Defines a car’s value

Information is important. When you have the accurate details ranging from the model and possible damages the car has gone through, it will help define the value of a car during a sale, accident or even settlement. In these mentioned cases, there will be checks to know what value is placed on the car.

When you eventually get your car title, remember to take good care of it. But if in some unforeseen circumstances, it gets misplaced or damaged, you can contact Auto Tags - DMV Alternative in South Florida today to get your car title renewed fast and easily. Your car title will be processed without hassle or delay.

If you need to get a car title or speed up your title transfer process in Florida, Auto Tags of East Broward offers consultation, registration, and title services that are in line with the regulations of the FLHSMV. Don’t waste your time at the Broward County DMV when you can stop by East Broward Auto Tags. We specialize in Broward tag renewal, Broward tag, and title, and we are a premier Broward tag agency. Stop by or give us a call to learn how to get started. You can start your online renewal here or learn more about what we do on this page.

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