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Florida Car Title Types

A car title is a certification that proves the legal ownership of a vehicle and driving without one in Florida is strongly prohibited. If you haven’t gotten a car title yet, you need to get one because you are moving to Florida, or you are simply curious about what the buzz is about -we have got you covered with all the essential information. Here are the general types of car titles available in Florida -and their different meanings and purposes.

Junk titles

This refers to a title issued for cars sold off to junkyards because they are in a damaged state. Usually, cars in this category have sustained harsh damages that are irreparable and as such, they are sent off to scrapyards where they are dismantled and repurposed. A car accepted by a junkyard is non-repairable as at the time of sale with little to no resale value and as such its previous title is converted to a junk title.

Reconstructed titles

This title serves as a legal verification that the vehicle has suffered damage previously but is currently repaired or capable of being fully repaired and certified safe to drive. Most cars with this title are salvaged from damage so, the title may be referred to as a salvage car title. Salvage cars come with salvage titles that are somewhat similar to junk titles. The basic difference is that cars with salvage titles are redeemable and not beyond repair unlike cars with junk titles. Salvage cars are thoroughly inspected by insurance organizations, body shops, and other significant bodies involved in the vehicle restoration.

Certificate of origin

For a vehicle owner to get this certificate, the manufacturer of the vehicle will have to issue it to the vendor who then gives it to you, the new vehicle owner. Getting a certificate of origin usually presents no problem whatsoever because it has been issued already to your vendor, or the first owner of the vehicle, by the vehicle manufacturer.

Bonded title

A bonded title is issued when there are conflicts about the original owner of a vehicle. The title is a bond that serves as security for the ownership of the car. This bond must be of similar value to the vehicle. Once a purchase of this bond is made and tendered, it automatically eliminates any future claims of original ownership. Obtaining a bonded title is usually expensive because of its rigid nature.

Clear titles

A clear title is one of the best car titles you can get in Florida as it firmly establishes the ownership of the vehicle and leaves no disparities about the car's history. Clear titles are more or less like a fresh start for your vehicle's identification. They indicate that there is no prior ownership or damages to the car. It is an all-clear tag for your vehicle.

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