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Different Car Title Types

What type of car title is right for your vehicle? The answer might be a bit more complex than you realize when you start to consider all of the various car title types that are available in the state of Florida. You will want to get a better understanding of the various types of titles that are available before you get a title from a DMV alternative based in South Florida.

Clear Titles

This is the simplest type of title. It means that there are no liens, no salvage, and no other previous history with the vehicle. The person who holds the title is the sole legal owner.

Salvage Titles

A salvage title will often be issued if a vehicle was damaged in a way that makes it virtually irreparable. This title will also change the way the state handles the vehicle for legal matters. When a vehicle with a salvage title is sold, the salvage status remains even if the vehicle is repaired.

Junk Titles

These types of titles are sold to junkyards to scrap vehicles or take parts from the vehicles. This type of title, like a salvage title, will always be associated with the vehicle.

Bonded Titles

If there are questions about who owns the vehicle legally, a bonded title will be issued. These can be bought with a security bond for the vehicle’s value that will cover any legal claims that might happen in the future.

Lienholder Titles

These types of titles are issued to lienholders. These are titles that are issued to whoever buys the vehicle as the owner, but the lender is the lienholder. This allows them to retain possession of the title. When you buy a vehicle and owe monthly payments, this is the type of title that the vehicle will have.

Reconstructed Titles

A reconstructed title is used for a vehicle that has undergone a substantial amount of rebuilding, so it can be used. These types of titles will often be used by collision centers, body shops, insurance companies, and those who are licensed to rebuild. These titles will allow for a vehicle that has been reconstructed to be registered for use after it has been properly inspected.

Import Titles

Vehicles that are important to the U.S. will need to have a legal title to get through customs. For vehicles that were previously titled in the country, you will only have to recover the title. If the vehicle was not made for the U.S. market, it will need to be certified before it can be used.

Export Titles

If a vehicle will be leaving the country, they will need to have the right clearance and declarations before it can leave. In some cases, a clear title might not be an option in the country where the vehicle is going. It’s important to get the export titles handled, so you don’t have to pay too much in storage fees.

These are the most common titles that you will run into for most vehicles. If you are looking for a title, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of the regular DMV, consider a DMV alternative based in South Florida. Auto Tags of East Broward can help you with all your auto tag needs in Broward. Auto Tags of East Broward offers simple same-day service - give us a call or visit our website for more information.

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Auto Tags of East Broward
Auto Tags of East Broward
Jun 11, 2022

Any vehicle that is sold to a third party will require a title. Once a car has been junked, a certificate of distraction is issued and the car can not be titles again.


Jun 11, 2022

I only want to sell junk car so if you can help me getting over it then it would be great help on your part.

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